Monday, May 6, 2013

Exploring Apo Island

Before summer came in, my family and I planned a trip to Dumaguete, our hometown, and to Siquijor, where  my mother's father is from,  and created a 5-day itinerary (that has been extended). We've gone to Dumgauete for a lot of times already but we never had the chance to explore Apo Island in Dauin. Yes, the incredible Apo island, because according to my mom and my titas, the island is shark infested and is not safe to go because the waves are blahblah and blahblah. But now that we're grown ups and are adrenaline junkies (chos), our plans can't be disrupted. Except if they won't give us some moolah. Hehehe. A day trip to Apo island? Yesser!

We had a short bus ride from Dumaguete to Malatapay in Zamboanguita which costs 30.00php, where the wharf towards Apo island is located. According to my cousin, which is a reliable source (insert haha here), that a couple of years ago during a fiesta in the island, an overloaded pump boat has cupsized and since then, the LGU and the coast guards had strictly operated every trip to Apo. Their pump boats can accommodate at least 4 up to 8 passengers.

After paying, we're off to the 30-minute bumpy pump boat ride and braved the waves.

We were thrilled upon approaching the island, getting a close-up view of the different beautiful rock formations and of course, the sparkling white sand.

Okay it's not that sparkly here.

The obligatory feeling sexy summer photo. Haha

Upon arriving, we paid the entrance fee worth 25.00php only since we told the in-charge that we're from Dumaguete, not from Cebu. :D If not, we would've paid an amount of 100.00php. We then explored the island but it rained suddenly. So we decided to stop by a cottage near the lagoon and had some lunch. Aaah, perfect view for lunch, isn't it? :)

With our full stomach, we trekked a 600-meter uphill terrain towards the viewing deck.

And this is the view while we're hiking. Para para paradiseeee! That cove right there is their marine sanctuary but unfortunately, it's temporarily closed because it was destroyed by typhoon Sendong and they're currently rehabilitating it. So sayang, we could've enjoyed snorkeling while we're there.

I grabbed a photo from google so you, dear readers, will see the bonggang view! :) The uphill battle was so tiring, 600 meters seemed too long. Although I enjoyed it because I miss trekking a lot. Kulang lang ng practice si ate. HAHA. Amer and I tried to find a cliff and decided to just jump on the water and swim on our way back since we brought some snorkels but the rocks are so scary below. Eeeek!

I swear to God the view at the viewing deck is so surreal but our camera died when we got there. And since it was raining that time, we only brought one camera and we left the others including cellphones at the cottage. Boo-hoo! :( But there were two Manila boys with us, whom we've met on the way to the island. They took photos of us at the deck and I'm hoping that they're gonna send it since we've exchanged emails. *fingers crossed*

Warmed up by the trek, ate Cindy and I went straight to the old and new light houses located at the opposite side of the island while the others decided to spend the remaining time snorkeling. We hiked through cemented stairs, more than 200 steps I think. I was out of breath with the hike and I literally lost it when we arrived. Isn't this so breathtaking? :D

Salty air, sandy hair lang ang peg.

We were running out of time so we immediately went back after taking photos for ze blog so that we can at least have some time to snorkel on the front beach, but the pawikan (sea turtle) was already not around when we got there. At least my sibs, cousins and friends saw it.

We had so much fun trekking, snorkeling and exploring the island. Will blog about Siqujor next! :)

Check out for more photos.

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WOW! The place is sooo beautiful Carla! DMD! I wanna go there! I thought you can only find a place like that in Coron but I was wrong! I can't believe there's also one at Negros! <3

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